Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download the Animal Audio app?

The Animal Audio app is available for download on Apple iPhone and iPad on the Apple App Store. The app is also available for Android phones and tablets through the Google Play Store.

What happens if I get a new phone/tablet? Will I lose all of my sounds?

No. Your purchases and downloads are all stored on our server, so even if you get a new device, you will still be able to access your sounds.

What electronic game callers does the Animal Audio app work with?

The Animal Audio app works best with ICOtec Game Calls. You are able to download the sound files from the app and place them on an ICOtec Game Call. These downloadable sound files are in the .aaf filetype, which only work with ICOtec. However, you can play sounds via Bluetooth from the Animal Audio app to any Bluetooth-enabled speaker.

How can I sell sounds on the Animal Audio app?

If you are interested in becoming an Animal Audio Creator and selling your professionally created animal sounds, please contact us by email:

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