Early Spring Coyote Calls to Use

In early spring, coyotes are often more active due to mating season and the search for food after winter. Here are some coyote sounds you could consider using on your electronic game caller during this time:

  1. Howls: Coyote howls are a great choice to start with. They are often used to communicate territorial boundaries or to gather the pack. A lone howl or a group howl can be effective.
  2. Yips and Whines: These sounds are often used by coyotes to communicate with each other, particularly during social interactions. They can be effective in piquing the interest of nearby coyotes.
  3. Pup Distress Calls: In early spring, coyotes may be more protective of their pups. Using distress calls of coyote pups can lure adult coyotes closer, as they may investigate the source of distress to protect their young.
  4. Female Whimpers: Female coyotes may use whimpers and whines to communicate with their mates or offspring. These sounds can be effective in attracting both male and female coyotes.
  5. Rabbit Distress Calls: Since early spring is a time when many prey species, such as rabbits, are more active, using distress calls of these animals can also attract coyotes looking for an easy meal.

Remember to vary the sounds and intervals to make them sound natural and avoid pattern recognition by wary coyotes. Additionally, be sure to check local regulations regarding the use of electronic game callers and hunting seasons for coyotes in your area.

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